Common HVAC Scams in Winnipeg You Should Know About

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By now, you know about car mechanics and their dubious and underhanded methods that leave you penniless. As such, you have developed ways to protect yourself from them. And just before you think you are in the clear of ‘professionals’ trying to rip you off, take a moment and read this piece to the end. In the recent past, con-artist HVAC contractors have been on the rise. These contractors (and they have penetrated the commercial market, as well), will go to any lengths to siphon your bank account dry.

Don’t get it twisted – some honest HVAC contractors are looking to provide you with great furnace repair in Winnipeg. But they are more of the exception than the rule.

Detailed below are tips for spotting these scams a mile away and how you can deal with them.

You need to replace a part

Now, it is expected that with time, different parts of your furnace system will break down and at one point you will need to replace them. The reason you are religious with your AC repair in Winnipeg is so that you can put off this day for as long as you can. That said, it is always the job of the hired HVAC contractor to point out the bad parts that need replacing.

But most of them take advantage and recommend the replacement of a perfectly fine part. They go to the extent of scaring you into purchasing one.

The question is, how do you know he is not lying? Well, it is rather simple. First, determine if the system is noisier than usual or it is emitting a bad smell or worse still, if it is straining (this can be detected by high energy bills). If you have noticed none of the above, then chances are nothing is wrong.

Proceed to do some research on how one can tell the specific part is bad and needs replacing. This will put you on the right path.

Calling on behalf of a major company

This is the oldest trick in the book. Unfortunately, it always seems to work. If you get a call offering a free inspection, before you let the contractors into your home, you should ascertain that indeed they are who they claim to be.

If they do not come with a marked van, take it as a red flag. Most reputable companies have their vehicles branded for marketing purposes. Additionally, the operating rules and policies of such companies require their employees to never run company errands with personal vehicles.

Offering a used part

If, during an inspection or a furnace repair in Winnipeg, the contractor notices a bad part and offers a used replacement for the part right there, beware. No professional contractor will settle for using a used part. Why? Well, because it will not last. The part will strain the entire system and cause more failures.

If you need a replacement part to complete your AC repair in Winnipeg, get a new part. Do not settle for a used part, as it is a disaster waiting to happen.


In the event you are suspicious of the company at any stage of the project, you should do your due diligence and check up on the company. Read reviews and get the right information for yourself. If the information you get does not match with what you were fed at the beginning, run for your life.

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