The benefit of multi-trade roofing companies

It’s always nice when you are looking for a company to provide a service, and you find one that not only provides that service, but also provides several more that you were looking for.  For example, when you’re looking for a plumber to fix your sink and you learn that your plumber is also an electrician and can fix one of your light sockets.  One industry where you should look for a company that can do more are those that offer Roofing services.  Rather than simply having a company that can come over and fix your roof, wouldn’t it be great if they also fixed your siding, and replaced your gutters?

Some roofing companies will also install or fix siding on your home.  This is great because having the same company do your roof and your siding cuts down on your costs, decreases the complexity of scheduling different companies around one another, decrease the amount of time the project takes, and also helps your house to look great.  In order for your home to look its best, the siding and the roofing should complement each other.  Having the same company do both makes that process much simpler.

Some roofing companies will also do all of the gutters on your home.  Gutters are a natural extension of the roof, so it makes sense that some roofing companies also specialize in installing gutters.  This is great because it helps to ensure that your roof and gutters come together correctly, so that they can both serve the function of taking liquids that fall on the roof and transporting them elsewhere.  One of the easiest ways to get damage on your roof is to have the gutters installed incorrectly.  Having the same company do both decrease the chance of incorrect installation greatly.

Another aspect of exterior work that some roofing companies also do is painting.  This is great for a lot of the same reasons that were outlined above, namely that it decreases the amount of time the project takes, helps the roof and paint on your home look like they should go together, and decreases the complexity of scheduling for you, the homeowner.

A final area of exteriors that some roofing companies do in addition to roofs are the homes windows.  Having the same company be able to do your windows and your roof at the same time makes scheduling much easier for you, and it also helps the house to look great at the same time.  Rather than having to get work done on your home in piecemeal fashion, you are able to knock everything out at once.

While it is important to make sure these roofing companies are not a jack of all trades, master of none, by using tradesmen reviews online and sourcing the best local roofing services for the job, means having one company that can do extra work to the exterior of your home simplifies the process and saves money.


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