Your roof is like any other part in your home. It won’t last forever. If your roof starts to show signs of wear or is damaged by a storm, you should ask yourself if it can be repaired. Most cases, the answer to this question is yes. Sometimes, however, your roof may need to be replaced completely.

Even though the roofing company does all of the work, a complete roof replacement can be stressful. It could be the best option for your home, if you can preserve its structure and protect the belongings inside.

Is it time to replace your roof? These are six signs you should be looking for.

1. Your roof is leaky

Leakage can cause more damage if it is not fixed immediately. You should not wait for a leaky roof to happen. You may need a complete roof replacement depending on the extent of the leak.

2. Multiple shingle problems can occur on your roof

Broken, curled or missing shingles don’t necessarily mean you need a new roof. Sometimes, individual shingles can be replaced. A replacement may be more cost-effective if you have multiple shingle problems. Uncurled or cupped shingles can leave your roof’s underside exposed and vulnerable to water damage. These issues should be addressed immediately.

3. The inside of your roof can show cracks and breaks

A crack or break in your roof is usually visible if you see light beams through its interior. They can happen on either side. This can lead to water and moisture entering your home, causing mold, leaks, and other problems. No matter how small, cracks and breaks should be inspected. The root cause of the problem can be a key to determining the best course of action.

4. The roof is falling apart

Rotting is caused by moisture problems and leaks that are not addressed. This can lead to extensive roof repairs. It is usually more cost-effective to replace your entire roof than it is to do the work. Roof rot symptoms include darkened beams, sagging, darkened beams, mold spots and numerous damp spots throughout the roof.

5. Your neighbors have new roofs

Your neighbors may be replacing their roofs, but that doesn’t mean yours isn’t in need of repair. New roofs are more common in established neighborhoods, where houses were built around the same time. Because roofs age at a similar rate, it is not surprising. They are often exposed to the same elements and storms as their neighbors, and they tend to be very similar in age. It could be that your roof is about to go out of style. Get a professional to inspect your roof.

For peace of mind, choose the best roofing company.

HD Roofing can handle any size job. To lower your out-of-pocket costs, we work closely with your insurance company by identifying the root cause of roofing problems and justifying the need to replace the entire roof. Call our team today for a free inspection.

This article was written by a roofing and solar installation specialist at HD Roofing & Construction. At HD Roofing & Construction, we are a Metal Roofing Company In Tampa, our roofing team is the heart of the company, and we are proud to have a highly-trained, professional team. If you need a roof over your head, we’ve got you covered. We offer a variety of roofing and home improvement services, including roof replacement and repairs, emergency tarps, home restoration, and solar!

Author: Connie S. Goforth

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