French Door Features and Benefits

French Door Features and Benefits

French doors are a popular choice to beautify the home due to their unique aesthetic. They typically come in pairs combining a frame with glass panels and an ornate handle by which you can open and close each door.

They are most often utilized in the entryway of an outdoor deck or patio but they may also be used as a way to close off two rooms inside the home from one another.

Due to the fact that they contain so much glass, they are a smart substitute for windows in that they provide the same benefits of warmth and light. This means that they can also be energy efficient alternatives to putting in a standard window in that part of the home.

But whether you install them inside or out, they are an effective and visually pleasing method for keeping the home safe and secure or closing off adjoining rooms in the interior of the house.

So if you’re looking for French doors Charlotte, here are just some of the features and benefits you can expect from your Door hardware and furniture:

French Door Options

You have two options when choosing French doors, hinged or sliding. Each one functions in pretty much the way you might expect judging by the name.

Hinged French doors are the most traditional version in that they open and close like a standard door, moving back and forth on hinges. They can be used indoors or outdoors and offer an expansive doorway when they are opened at the full span.

Sliding French doors move to and fro along a track in much the same way as a patio door and many homeowners will install this type of French door in the entryway of their outdoor spaces. These are usually installed in newer homes for a more contemporary appearance.

Security Concerns
Security Concerns

Judging by their appearance, you may think French doors are delicate and an obvious choice for burglars to target as a way to break into your home. Not true. French doors are actually quite secure and dependable when installed on the exterior of your home.

That’s because they are equipped with locks and other crime deterrents that make them tough to compromise. But there’s more, these types of doors are among the most customizable in placing additional security hardware for added security.

With the amount of hardware that is now available to keep homes safer, you have your pick of the type that gives you the most peace of mind. French doors can utilize this hardware in any manner you see fit; giving them increased versatility for safeguarding your family and valuables.

Energy Costs and Concerns

French doors can act as door and window at the same, allowing the sun’s natural warmth and light to shine in, giving you a break on your energy costs. Letting the sunshine in can warm the home without the need for adjusting your thermostat.

Their energy efficiency helps to keep that warmth inside and prevents your climate-controlled air from getting out at the same time. Some doors also offer additional UV protection to keep the sun’s rays from causing any harm to you or the interior of your home.

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